#1 Laudi Fashion. ♡

Laudi Fashion is one of my favorites stores. The clothes are sooo cool and every time I go there, they have new collection. Two weeks ago the amazing fashion show of Laudi Fashion took place at the sparkling location named Tree Love Tielt. Laurence did a really really good job and many people attended the show. Afterwards she had also […]

#1 Bottinne Clothing. ♡

  There’s a newbie in town for me (read: Oostrozebeke) Discovered this store last week and the clothes they sell omg .. sooo beautiful! I did a little shoot w/ my sister this week to show you guys the newest collection! They sell brands as : Dorothee Schumacher, By Malene Birger, Filippa K, .. But don’t worry boys, […]

Tranquini. ♡

This one came in today! Tranquini is a concept where the drinks are made of organic ingredients. They invented this drink just to chill. Take a break, go outside, take a walk and relax! Who hasn’t thought yet of plugging out .. just for one moment or even a day? Our lives are online – watching series online, communicate […]