FW16. ♡

Wow, I’ve heard there will be a heat wave this week? But I have to admit … I can’t wait for Autumn and Winter. I am saying this now, but when the temperature gets colder, it starts to rain more (can it even rain more then now in Belgium?) and people start wearing their coat again […]

My Beauty Essentials. ♡

Some of you guys asked me how I do my makeup and which products I normally use. Well, that’s why I wanted to share my products and beauty secrets w/ you! If you want more information, contact me or go to a blog of a friend of mine, she works w/ the best products and her […]

Meeki Beauty Lab. ♡

Got some exciting news for you guys! I am collaborating w/ a new beauty brand, that will launch this September! Meeki Beauty Lab – creators of musthave nail polish colors. Inspired by you: the coolest girls around! ♥ A couple of weeks ago, a person of Meeki contacted me about this. I had never heard of […]

Sneakers everywhere. ♡

Sneakers, sneakers, sneakers! Many girls have put their heels away to wear this comfy item. And … besides comfy – sneakers are also very fashionable! You can combine them with uuuh EVERYTHING! But not only for girls, because boys can wear them too. And there aren’t that many male fashion bloggers, right? What are u waiting […]

Back to the 90’s w/ chokers. ♡

The hottest item of 2016? That’s right .. the choker! They are on firrrrre. This it-item came back away from the 90’s and I’m a huuuuge fan! When I first spotted this trend a couple of months ago, I wasn’t really convinced at the first time. But then I saw more and more and more pictures […]

España, vacay and palm trees. ♡

                            ¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? Ok no, I don’t speak Spanish. My mom & sister do and I’m soooo jealous of it! One day, I am going to learn this beautiful language too. Today I’m blogging about my second favo city in Spain and […]

Barcelona ma belle. ♡

Had a blast this Summer in Spain. Really really enjoyed it, but I’m also very glad to be back so I can start blogging again! What besides suncream, a bikini and sunglasses, do you need on holiday? → exactly CLOTHES CLOTHES AND  … MORE CLOTHES In this post I will tell you guys more about Barcelona and […]

Birthday. ♡

Hi sweeties! ♥ Welcome at my new blog, I’m soooo excited!! This is a blogpost from March. Check out the brands. Stay tuned because I’ll post here in the future. ♥ You can still read my blogposts on my previous blog. – Yesterday was my birthday and I enjoyed every minute of it! Thank you soooo […]