Back to the 90’s w/ chokers. ♡

13987905_10210540400530532_226437688_oThe hottest item of 2016? That’s right .. the choker! They are on firrrrre. This it-item came back away from the 90’s and I’m a huuuuge fan!

When I first spotted this trend a couple of months ago, I wasn’t really convinced at the first time. But then I saw more and more and more pictures of girls w/ chokers and God, they looked goooood!

Now I love wearing them and I think they make your outfit on point! You can combine them w/ a cool dress or even w/ a pair of boyfriend jeans and a tee, no one can stop you.

A week ago, a friend of mine sent me this picture of a girl w/ a choker and it says: chokers are for dogs …. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?! I think he’s just jealous of the cool item he can’t rock like we can, girls.

13932092_10210540721378553_1163603262_oI saw a beautiful picture of Romee Strijd on Instagram, rocking her outfit w/ a red scarf. So I thought: hey, let’s try this! And that’s what I did. I found this pretty cool black one at Bershka Gent

Because of my love for chokers … I’ve made a list of chokers I think are really really cool to give you guys some inspiration! I always wear the chokers of Stradivarius or this scarf, but if you have spotted some other cool ones → leave it in the comments underneath this post!

Check out my Pinterest for more pictures of chokers!

Enjoy! ♥

X Michelle

14001861_10210540721218549_89990374_o Stradivarius

00233127-01Forever 21

00233007-01 Forever 21

37991254_070_b Urban Outfitters

9219466302_2_4_3 Bershka 

9309110800_1_1_3 Bershka

IMG_6354_880_440_89_s_c1 Belmodo Bandana









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