Meeki Beauty Lab. ♡

14030724_10210602325118608_600029237_nGot some exciting news for you guys! I am collaborating w/ a new beauty brand, that will launch this September!

Meeki Beauty Lab – creators of musthave nail polish colors. Inspired by you: the coolest girls around! ♥

A couple of weeks ago, a person of Meeki contacted me about this. I had never heard of the brand before.    I read the concept about this brand and I was sooo enthusiastic about it. So that’s why I wanted to share it w/ you!



They came up w/ this new concept where the girls can choose the newest collection! So you have to fill in a beauty poll so that they can sell the most wanted colors. They will ask for your thoughts on colours, new products and many many more. This nude one is definitely my favorite one! What do you think? Let me know! ♡

Together we’re creating the next state of the art nail polish collections – and having fun doing it. This fall the first limited collection can be ordered exclusively online.

Dont’t forget: you’ll get 10% discount on all future products by giving your input! ♥

Click here to join us!


Shoes: Puma

Bracelets: Gemini

Ring: Twice as Nice










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