My Beauty Essentials. ♡

Some of you guys asked me how I do my makeup and which products I normally use. Well, that’s why I wanted to share my products and beauty secrets w/ you!

If you want more information, contact me or go to a blog of a friend of mine, she works w/ the best products and her makeup is always always always on point! → Rusty Revolvers


Let’s get it started girls! ♫

This is the first step and the most crucial one in my opion!    Lotion Confort –  I discovered this product of Chanel last year, and can’t imagine a morning without this one. You put a little bit on your hand and afterwards you wipe it on your face. It gives you that particular feeling … it’s like you’re ready to kick your day! You should really try it once and you couldn’t live without anymore! I love working w/ the products of Chanel.













Afterwards it’s time for the fond de teint. The Vitalumière Aqua from Chanel is my favorite one. When you want an extra touch and protection for your makeup, you first use a moisturizer. I have one from my beautician (the golden ball), I tested a lot of moisturizers but this is the one → still available at Bell’Lieze.

I normally don’t wear too much make up. But when I do, my sister does my contour (natural talent).     My contour pallet is from Anastasia, I bought these exclusive brushes at Real Techniques.

The last thing I do, is putting on some mascara and blush and I’m ready to go!


Last but not least!

Don’t forget to use make-up remover. I use this one from ICI PARIS XL (PURE) and I’m really enthusiastic about it.

The nail polish is from Meeki. Take a look on the previous blogpost about this new upcoming brand!

The box where I put all my stuff in is from Action. Also available in pink, grey and white.

Let me know if you have any questions or you want any further information. Enjoy! ♥

Bracelets by Gemini Bracelets







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