Tranquini. ♡

14215800_10210811119778344_2087721881_oThis one came in today!

Tranquini is a concept where the drinks are made of organic ingredients. They invented this drink just to chill. Take a break, go outside, take a walk and relax!

Who hasn’t thought yet of plugging out .. just for one moment or even a day? Our lives are online – watching series online, communicate online, sending e-mails online and even when we’re in bed, we’re connected to the internet. Internet is the best invention so far (in my opinion!), there’s no doubt about that but there is sooo much more in life you can’t experience when you’re on your phone. Unplugging for just a moment isn’t a bad idea, right?

But not only in our social life .. – for example when you’re stuck in traffic .. who hasn’t gone wild?? Relax and take a drink. Their mission statement is very clear – Relax. Be positive. Good happens. – Well, I’m fan! And it’s also healthy, because it’s based on green tea, it hasn’t a lot of calories – only 22kcal/100ml.

I’ve received two flavors, the blue one is w/ carrots, raspberries and green tea and a lot of herbs (like I’ve already said = organic!) The green one is also w/ green tea and apples. Albert Heijn sells them! My favo is the blue one! You really should test these products and let me know what’s your opinion about it. X












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