#1 Laudi Fashion. ♡

Laudi Fashion is one of my favorites stores. The clothes are sooo cool and every time I go there, they have new collection. Two weeks ago the amazing fashion show of Laudi Fashion took place at the sparkling location named Tree Love Tielt. Laurence did a really really good job and many people attended the show. Afterwards she had also a mini-shop w/ a part of her collection.

Today I visited the store again. I’ve tried many of outfits w/ my sister and I really would like to show you guys my favorites. You can follow Laudi on Instagram – thumbs up on Facebook and take a look at their website. Enjoy! ♥ – everything is available at Laudi Fashion Tielt!

First one – this amazing skirt of Tutu Chic. I think this is the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen haha! Combined this w/ a top, also from Tutu Chic. Sweater by the Lady Boss collection. The silver coat is my favorite coat, the inside is w/ fluffy pink fur. The black and khaki boots are from Gaudi and the black sneakers too. The khaki sneakers are from Tango – bracelets by Gemini.


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