Fittea. ♡

14881338_10211313150048787_979038303_oA couple of weeks ago I received some goodies of Fittea. Saw this sort of tea a couple of times on Instagram but never really tested it -> keep reading because I have some great news for you guys!

Now I have been testing this tea for a little while and … I’m a huge fan of it! I’m testing the Fit Berry Detox Tea and it tastes delicious. I feel soooo much better and it’s like I have more energy since the time I have started. I also received this cute ittle Tea Egg as the perfect accessory for my morning tea.



14859316_10211313150008786_962090589_oAnd now the fun part for you – if you buy something online from their collection (either tea or gadgets), you can use the code 15MICHELLE to receive a discount of 15%, isn’t that great? ✿

Enjoy your tea and your healthy life!

Love Michelle x



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