By Malene Birger + Biker Boots.♡

Merry Christmas sweeties!

Hope you guys had a great Christmas and received all the gifts you wanted! Mine was so cosy, had dinner w/ family at Christmas eve and the day after I ate way too much but that’s how it goes every year, right? .. :’) at least I was wearing my Tommy sweater dress so I could eat way too much and nobody would notice a thing!

Today I wanted to show you guys my newest outfit! Received this knitwear by Malene Birger sweater from Bottinne for Christmas and I’m in love with it. It’s soooo cool and I love wearing it.


I combined this knitwear with a black jeans and my newest biker boots from River Island! In a previous post I already told you guys about the biker boots and now I finally bought them. And if you want them yourself, hurry because they’re now ON SALE!

Combine them w/ fishnet socks for a cool touch! My sister bought me a pair of those for my Christmas! And of course my Céline Shadow from Optiek Lammerant to rock my outfit!

Céline Shadow – Optiek Lammerant

950 Milano Ring – Casteur

Michelle ♥


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