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A couple of months ago I wrote a blogpost about my beauty essentials and which products are my favorite. Some of you asked me to write another one, therefore I found it a nice chance to tell you something more about my newest beauty secret -> the Clinique Superblanaced Silk Make Up SPF15!

A day before Christmas’ Eve I received two clever foundations from Clinique, to give me that extra little touch for the holidays, and I can’t wait to tell you guys which one’s my favorite. I ordered these two super balanced foundations to discover which one is best for my type of skin. I’ll tell you guys more about the products of Clinique and I also tested (and approved) them! Little extra: Allergy tested. 100% fragrance free.


I have a very clear skin and it’s not that easy for me to find a perfect colour of foundation that matches my skin. I have tested like at least 10 types of foundation and this is surely one of my favorite’s!  Sometimes I look like I just came back from a two-weeksvacation in Egypt and other moments, my skin is too white and I look sick.

Thanks to Clinique that problem is now officially solved! The first one is a bit lighter than the other, and the lightest one is definitely my favorite. It balances it all and it feels weightless on my skin but it gives me that perfect protection, just like I want it! I look flawless with the foundation, don’t you think?



They have 20(!) types of colour! 30,50 eu for a 30ml bottle.

Say hello to my morning face .. but Clinique has become my morning ritual!

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Review made in collaboration with Clinique

Michelle ♥

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