January Favorites. ♡

Exams are finally OVER  – you can’t imagine how happy I am, finally I have my life back haha – I have been studying since mid December and I can’t see books anymore. So happy that I have time again for my blog and Instagram.

I had this idea while studying and I just had to test it at least once. What do you guys think about a monthly rubric with my favorites in pictures? Let’s give it a try, right! Here we go.



Happy Socks // Appelhout iPhone case (discount: michelledsmt) // Fresh N’ Rebel Ruby // Entre-Nous Lingerie

I can now call myself a member of the Happy Family! Received some cute Happy Socks and I can’t wait to try them on. Would you wear them with sneakers? I will give it a try this Summer!

#HappinessEverywhere #HappySocks

Meet my newest Ruby Fresh N’ Rebel speaker in the newest ruby colour! How cool is this speaker? Thanks to Fresh N’ Rebel I can enjoy my music to the fullest!









#Meetruby #Freshrnebel

Some of you may have already seen it on my Instagram page but I’m a huge fan of Fittea! I love the taste and it makes me feel fitter and better! I am really happy with the new FruitTea Beauty Set I ordered on fittea.eu // I am a huge fan of the FruitTea Infuser bottle from @fittea.eu , you can put both tea AND fruits inside! ?? You can get your own with the code MICHELLE15 for a 15% discount!






Last one is this new Prima Donna Twist Touch Me Bra! This one is from Entre-Nous Lingerie Desselgem. I loooove the red colour and the fit is sooo good and comfortable!

Already seen this month’s shopping haul?

Hope you like the newest concept with my monthly favorites, let me know!

Michelle ♥



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