Love at first sight – sock boots.♡

When I first saw them, I wasn’t really sure about them and especially not about how to style and combine them with all sorts of outfits. But hey, I’m convinced and they have stolen my heart haha!

You know what I’m talking about girls …. the sock boots! They come in all sizes and colors and I love each one of them. I have to admit I’m rather a sneaker girl than a heels freak but they look so comfy, don’t they? And they make your outfit just a bit classier in a cool way.

Already bought these cuties from Morobé – can you tell I like wearing platform shoes? 🙂

I first saw them on Stéphanie Broek’s Instagram and they haven’t left my mind since that day …

She has that type of “je m’en fou” look and I just love love love her style! Wether she’s wearing a cute skirt, a purple dress from Alexa Chung or a fabbbb street style look, she rocks it.

Here are some of my favorites and I just can’t choose which one I like the most .. I saw the purple one’s first, so love at first side does exist, right? 😀

  1. Mango
  2. Asos
  3. Asos
  4. Morobé

Michelle ♥

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