Vogue Fashion Festival 2017. ♡

Hi guys!

Last Saturday I attended the Vogue Fashion Festival in Amsterdam. It felt like one big fairytale. I’ve met some great people and had an amazing day at the Amstel Hotel.

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When we first arrived, we took some outfits pictures in this beautiful city. I have to admit, it was the first time I was in Amsterdam 😀 and I was so overwhelmed by this city.

h&m skirt – checked blazer from beau monde fashion – hogan shoes from machteld and my pinko bag ♥

We arrived around 8am and had this delicious breakfast. Can I have this everyday please?

We had chosen 4 activities during the day. First up: a little talk with 3 power women: Veronika Heilbrunner (my favorite ♥) , Syvlia van der Klooster (a former model) and Gijsje Ribbens, shopping editor at Vogue NL.

They talked about their personal style and especially about what personal style means for them. They gave us some tips and tricks how to stay yourself and to feel confident in what you’re wearing. These women inspired me a lot and I really felt impressed by them.

Afterwards we had a speeddate with the Vogue members, they could tell us something more about Vogue, their work and personal life.

At noon we had our biggest and most exciting activity …. MEETING NEGIN MIRSALEHI! ♥ I think many of you guys know who Negin is and what she does. She has built a big empire on Instagram with more than 4 million followers, together with Maurits, her boyfriend. She was so kind and could give us some tips about Instagram!

Stay true to yourself, if you want to collaborate with brands as Chanel and Prada you shouldn’t collaborate with less interesting (for you of course) brands. Stick to your plan – plan plan plan and you’ll become successful.

And of course I fangirled a lot during the day haha!

Our last activity was meeting amazing people who work at De Bijenkorf. Some of them were buyers, they go to for example to Paris to check out the newest collections. Another woman was responsible for all the digital media. They talked with a lot of passion about their job.

I had an amazing day! ♥ I hope their will be an annual Vogue Fashion Festival because I’ll come back definitely.

We received a lot of goodies – the newest Vogue, Vogue Man, a mascara from MAC, Kératese shampoo, toothpaste, …

Perfect event at the perfect location – Amstel Hotel Amsterdam.

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